About world chinese chat app

A convenient chat / entertainment / consumption integrated app

24-hour instant messaging, security encryption, all-round development, 5g technology and ecological integrated service application platform. Powerful functions can enable high-quality communities and organizations to obtain all-round Internet social empowerment, financial technology empowerment, compliance trading and payment empowerment, big data overall management, industrial ecological development management, cooperation and interaction, domestic and international all-round ecological integration Mutual help Unicom, constantly improve and increase business services, make business users easy to use, win-win sharing.

  • Security: fully protect user privacy
  • Convenient: gather, eat, drink, play, clothing, housing and transportation
  • Efficient: subversive chat scene experience, convenient and efficient
  • Ecology: social, short video, live ecosphere can link everything possible
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Version introduction and planning

What has been updated in the version ofworld chinese chat app?

We are committed to maintaining long-term and reliable relationship with customers and providing them with high-quality value-added services. After years of honing, we have been upgrading technology. The following is the introduction and planning of the updated version of the world credit corporation.........

V1.0 - social communication media service (2019)100%
V2.0 - payment system of science and technology finance at home and abroad (2020)95%
V3.0 - short video live pan entertainment experience (2021) 75%
V4.0 - Global blockchain application service platform (2022) 100%

Core Functions

Meet all B / C end user needs, make communication more smooth

how it's

Private Chat

Support all kinds of message sending and receiving, message withdrawing, burning after reading, real-time voice and video pop-up and other rich social functions, high concurrency and ensure stability

how it's

Single Chat Group Chat

Single group support 5000-20000 people chat room scene interaction, provide rich group chat function, group management, group forbidden, blacklist and other value-added functions

how it's

Global Multi Node

Global Multi - node and overseas agents cover more than 100 countries and regions, support multi - language, support domestic enterprises to achieve global connectivity

Company Profile

Innovation vision technology future


Zhongyi blockchain Technology Co., Ltd

Adhering to the core concept of "integrity, focus on innovation and sharing", Zhongyi blockchain has been focusing on innovative technology development services in the field of Internet and mobile Internet. It is a one-stop solution provider for scientific and technological innovation and technology development. At present, it is in a leading position in domestic Internet finance, technology development, big data services, mall construction and customized application development, And with many domestic banks, financial institutions and insurance institutions to reach strategic technical cooperation.

  • Development customization
  • Big data service
  • online finance
  • Blockchain application

Our corporate culture

Zhongyi blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. is an IT service enterprise dedicated to technology research and development. It brings together a large number of technology R & D professionals to provide professional digital consulting, experience interaction, technology implementation and operation services for global customers, and is committed to becoming the "most valuable business partner" of global enterprises, enabling the digital era and achieving win-win value!

  • Professional technical team
  • Technology R & D services
  • Digital consulting
  • Technical operation

Our development plan

We have a large number of development cases, focusing on app development and production, providing customized services for various types of small and medium-sized enterprises; Rich industry experience helps enterprises realize super flow transformation. App outsourcing cases, industry app development cases, enterprise app development cases, application mall development cases, blockchain technology development cases, small program mall development cases.

  • Industry app development
  • Application mall development
  • Development of small program H5
  • Blockchain technology development

How to contact us?

Website:www.uwcachat.com Telephone:16625167666 Email:3950995@qq.com Address:Room 1101, 11th floor, Vanke Binhai land building, northeast corner of Binhe Avenue and Tairan 9th Road, Tian'an community, Shatou street, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province

  • Website:www.uwcachat.com
  • Telephone:16625167666
  • Email:3950995@qq.com
  • Address:Tairan 8th Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

Data Management

Data monitoring center


Data Analysis

Data monitoring center includes user management, information management, order management, availability management, integrated management, etc


Monitoring management

Comprehensive data analysis

Process optimization control

Real time data monitoring


User Analysis

Data monitoring center includes user management, information management, order management, availability management, integrated management, etc


Comprehensive proportion

Mall order

Information filtering

Violation detection


RMT Analysis

Data monitoring center includes user management, information management, order management, availability management, integrated management, etc


trading system

Virtual account

Clearing system

Account security

Evaluation and feedback

Feedback from group users


Chen Kaige

Group users

"For small and medium-sized enterprise groups, shihuaxin provides technology and financial technology to enable the innovation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, solves the huge problem of member management, solves the cumbersome fund account system management, compliance and transparency, and evades policy and other related risks"


Juen-Kai Wang

Enterprise users

"For merchants, access to shihuaxin RMT mainly solves two kinds of problems: to solve the infrastructure construction of merchants' own business system, payment channel is infrastructure, virtual account, transaction system, accounting processing system, clearing and settlement system, identity authentication channel, etc"

Honors and Awards

Our achievements


Best partner


High tech Enterprises


Scientific research innovation


Demonstration platform

Core team

Introduction to core development team






Peng Yan



shaikh darda



darda shaikh

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Latest news industry news




"Internet plus", through its own advantages, has optimized and upgraded the traditional industries, making traditional industries able to adapt to the new development of the present, thus ultimately promoting the continuous development of the society.

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Technology industry

Technology industry,Zhongyi blockchain technology sector,The process of commercialization and marketization of high-tech innovation achievements is a transformation process from innovation achievements to commodity production of a certain scale.

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Financial industry

Human beings have entered the era of finance. Finance involves a wide range of fields, branches and contents, such as currency, securities, banking, insurance, capital market, investment and financing, various funds, trade finance, real estate finance, foreign exchange management, risk management and so on.

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